Welcome to Hagana Furnicraft. We are manufacturer and wholesaler of mirrors, our products like : wall mirror, wall antique mirror, cabinet mirror, cabinet antique mirror, table mirror and table antique mirror, and more kind made to order.

Our manufacture start on 2005, we starting to supply some trading in our place. The product step is processing material by hand craft and mixing machine as a part of step processing the goods. On 2006 we starting export until now.

Our products only use plywood for the structure and frame, and almost of all our products used 5mm thickness glass and some used 3mm thickness glass.

Machine part of processing is like a glass scissor, glass planner, compressor hand paint, oven self for nitrate glass is a part to keep our good quality product, but hand cutting is a big part of all the product, so we are working with professional employees, and the quality control still on the end part of the process.

Our product is safe and have a good quality, our packaging very safe, we used 4 type materials packaging: plastic bubble wrap, Styrofoam, carton box and wooden crates. we have 2 type of finishing mirrors: clear mirror and antique mirror.

We always do the fumigation before delivery, For FCL (Full Container Load): we do fumigation when all the goods have been uploaded into the container, And for LCL (Less-than Container Load): we do fumigation on our warehouse one day before delivery.

The quality control step is a part of our ways to keep the best quality (export quality), so it is why we still do export until now. Our production capacity is currently 8 containers a month, we are eager to manage more containers per month.

We are interested in relationship with you. Please feel free to contact us for our special offers, information, and discussion, either by call or email. Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you soon. We do hope of having very good business with you.